Friday, September 25, 2015

Gunung Nuang Trip

    Wow ...i am happy ...i made it...not reach the top ...but not bad...hiking for 10 leg pain when i walking but i still happy because this my favourite ....most of my gf don't like and not interested....thank God... Ding ding different...she love hiking...huhu....Thank GARY tooo...thank for waiting and accompany me

    I m beginner right now..start again ....since 2007 never hike or jungle i fatty tooo...low stamina T.T....but i not give up....but love this fresh air

    For new beginner should visit gunung nuang ..i will come again :)
 i look masculine a guy... thank of them ...gary and ding

Good team work

After play water ...huhu..happy lol n someone tired..slept

Big centipede

Have a look my latest viral video


  1. Hello Wonderful collection of images from your hike. The centipede is a little creepy. Have a happy day and weekend ahead. PS, thanks for the comment and visit.

  2. 10 h hike is hard work. No doubt you are aching :) But, you don´t look masculin from what I can see :) Nice shots :)


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